What is VerTecX21?

VerTecX21 was created in June 2000 as a name to use for my multimedia projects. It's In many ways it's simply a name to put on things when I want people to know I've had a hand in their creation.

As most of my projects are technical in nature or require the use of technology, I use VerTecX21 to catalog my current level of technology for work and leisure.

This is the third iteration of a VerTecX21 Website since 2000, and is by far the most extensive with regards to features and information. The website has now been joined and augmented with the VertecX21 Blog and an @Vertecx21 Twitter handle, VerTecX21's reach has never been wider.

Enjoy browsing.

Ciarán Creedon, VerTecX21 Director,

September 2015

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