VerTecX21 launches new website and announces "Project: Sicarius"

posted Sep 10, 2015, 3:35 PM by Ciaran Creedon

Cork, Ireland. 10th of September 2015 -  VerTecX21 returns to the Internet in earnest today with the launch of an advanced Google-powered website boasting several times the content of it's previous iteration including updated historical content and video presentations of it's projects. Speculation had been mounting in recent weeks when the original VerTecX21 website, not updated since 2008, suddenly went dark and was replaced with an updated page announcing a redesign and new operational links to a VerTecX21 Blog and a VerTecX21 Twitter account.

VerTecX21's director Mr. Ciarán Creedon said "Our basic Internet presence was practically non-existent for the past 7 years of our entire 15 year operation as VerTecX21, let alone any adoption of a social media platform. So now it's high time we came in from the cold."

Mr. Creedon invited interested parties to come and view the updated website at and sample it's many new and improved features including a historical listing of VerTecX21's state-of-the art machines at the time of construction and view video content such as the often demanded full unedited intro movie presentation for Star Trek: Time Rogue from 2000.

VerTecX21 also announced Project: Sicarius, the latest machine build to be constructed at VerTecX21, due to come online in the latter half of September. Project: Sicarius' specifications include:
  • a 6th generation Core i7 "Skylake" 6700K 4.0 GHz processor
  • an MSI Geforce GTX 980Ti 6GB graphics card
  • 16GB of Corsair 3000MHz DDR4 RAM
  • a Samsung SM951 256GB M.2 PCI-e 3.0 x 4 NVMe SSD
The machine is expected to power an Acer Predator 4k2k XB280HK 28” G-Sync Widscreen LED display with an obscenely high resolution of 3840x2160 classing the unit as an Ultra High Definition [UHD] 4K device ahead of the format becoming mainstream. Mr. Creedon added that by the time he expects Sicarius to be decommissioned, 8K resolution will "be the buzz" and he's proud that VerTecX21 is leading the charge into Ultra High Definition territory leaving the technology of High Definition [HD, 1080p and Blu-Ray resolution] relegated to history.
Mr. Creedon promised a press conference on Project: Sicarius when it comes online but assured that 'construction updates' would appear on the VerTecX21 website and Twitter.

About VerTecX21

VerTecX21 was created in June 2000 as a name to use for Ciarán Creedon's multimedia projects. In many ways it's simply a name to put on things when Creedon wanted people to know he had a hand in their creation. As most of it's projects are technical in nature or require the use of technology, the VerTecX21 website is used to catalog Creedon's current level of technology for work and play.


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VerTecX21 Launches Kerberos

posted Jul 15, 2015, 5:05 PM by Ciaran Creedon   [ updated Sep 1, 2015, 3:09 PM ]

Cork, Ireland. Monday, August 4th 2008.

In a somewhat muted announcement today. Engineers working for Multimedia specialists VerTecX21 have completed work on the new Secondary System Kerberos. It is the first time in VerTecX21's history that a new unit has been built exclusively for that role.

On hand to deliver his usual press conference was the director of VerTecX21 himself, Mr. Creedon.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'll be brief," began the visibly tired director. "As was released earlier, Bellerophon ceased to function over a week ago. VerTecX21 Engineers were unable to pinpoint the source of the malfunction but we believe that with 90% certainty it was related to the Abit IS-7 Motherboard. It is our intention to get to the bottom of the malfunction and to repair Bellerophon to a functioning state at some point in the future, but time constraints prevent that operation from becoming a priority. For the time being, Bellerophon is decommissioned. To define our terminology: 'Active' is in service and working, 'Inactive' is not in service but in full working order, 'Decommissioned' is not in working order but serviceable, 'Dismantled' means all parts and components are removed with the intention that they will not be reassembled, but could be later and 'Scrapped' is basically disassembled with parts sold and/or destroyed with no possibility of reconstiution. Note that I will not be taking questions on Bellerophon at this time.

"I'm pleased to report that Project: Cerberus, was successful and a replacement for Bellerophon was constructed. The unit was designated Kerberos and went online with all functions as of today. Kerberos (pronounced KER-ber-OSE) is the correct name for the mythical Greek three-headed dog which guarded the gates to Hades. This name was chosen to reflect that under normal operating conditions, the Secondary System has three active displays - three "heads" as it were," smiled Creedon. There was much nodding of heads from those assembled at Creedon's genius.

"Kerberos utilises as much technology as possible from Bellerophon but it's more like Maxximus in operation and appearance with a P35 motherboard, identical RAM and its casing is similar to Maxximus but it's naturally less powerful by design with a Core 2 Duo processor, 500w power supply, and 256Mb graphics card mainly due to it's role not requiring the immense resources of a Main Computer."

Creedon then took a number of questions from the floor:

Reporter 1: "Mr. Creedon, why was there a delay of 6 days between first initialisation of Kerberos on 30/07/08 and the Active Service Status Notification dated today when there was only a difference of 3 days for Maxximus and that was constructed from scratch?"

Creedon: "Excellent question. There was a driver problem between either the Gigabyte GA-P35 motherboard and the ATi Radeon 7000 and/or the ATi HD 2400 Pro. The most up to date ATi driver set no longer supported the 7000 so an unsigned driver was used. Additionally there was an incompatibility between the 7000 driver and a driver for the PCI bridge of the motherboard which was updated directly from Intel and not the motherboard manufacturer. VerTecX21 cannot take all the credit however. We notified CNET of our issue and there was much troubleshooting over the past 24 hours; I would not issue the ASSN until everything was working. The final part of your question displays ignorance- it's far easier to build from scratch with all new components than it is to integrate older components into a new system. Next."


Reporter 2: "If I may Sir, just following on from that: Why integrate the old components? Why go to the trouble of double the construction time? Why not simply build from scratch?"

Creedon: "Because while yes it does take longer and it is sometimes a great deal of trouble- it's not more trouble then it's worth. The existing Bellerophon components used were still perfectly functional and the cost of all new components while not prohibitive would have been impossible to justify as necessary in this case. For analysis, VerTecX21 has now included a costing section at the bottom of all the technology pages. Here you will be able to see that the total cost of new components for Kerberos was less than a quarter of the total cost of Maxximus' new components and about half of Bellerophon's."

[Round of Applause]

Reporter 3: "Sir, there has been an admission of failure on the part of VerTecX21 to seamlessly and promptly adapt to the problem with Bellerophon causing delay and loss of services. Do you have anything personal to say on that?"

Creedon: "Yes, I am personally deeply sorry to all that our temporary loss of service has affected. All I can promise at this stage is that we are in the process of reviewing and redesigning our contingency plans so that a repeat of the problem will not affects us to the extent it has. Thank you very much, no more questions."

VerTecX21 Looses Bellerophon

posted Jul 15, 2015, 4:49 PM by Ciaran Creedon   [ updated Sep 1, 2015, 3:12 PM ]

Cork, Ireland. Sunday, July 27th 2008.

VerTecX21 announces that Bellerophon is no more, but a replacement is forthcoming.

It's with great regret that we announce the tragic loss of Bellerophon last Wednesday evening July 23rd. Upon initialisation at 17:50 23/07/08 Bellerophon began sounding a series of alarms before asking for a disk to be inserted into the A drive. As a floppy drive had never been installed in the system and furthermore as the floppy was disabled in the BIOS configuration, an alert was raised.

The exact circumstances of why it ceased to function were investigated thoroughly over the past 72 hours by a team of highly skilled engineers but to no avail.

Current theories include:

    Temperature overheating due to Northbridge fan failure

    Voltage imbalance between RAM

    a random unforeseen BIOS issue

"In truth, we may never know what happened, nothing like this has ever happened before," said a distraught VerTecX21 director, Mr. Ciarán Creedon.

Bellerphon was commissioned as the new Main Computer for VerTecX21 on Dec 2nd 2004 and went through some major upgrades until Aug 30th 2007 when it was replaced by Maxximus and in turn Bellerophon became the Secondary System taking over from Hyperion. It's final upgrade included an upgrade to it's graphical display ability outputting to 3 LCD monitors.

A contingency plan VerTecX21 normally operates under the circumstances of the loss of the Secondary System is to transfer all data to the previously commissioned Secondary System or Tertiary Unit allowing seamless operation until the fault with the Secondary System can be resolved.

In the current situation, this contingency plan failed however due to a complete technological difference between Secondary System (Bellerophon) and the previously commissioned Secondary System  (Hyperion). More specifically, Hyperion uses an IDE interface for Hard Drives and Bellerophron uses an SATA interface. The only solution would have been to use Maxximus to transfer data and VerTecX21 operational regulations prohibit all three available units being offline simultaneously. In future; to prevent this issue from reoccurring, VerTecX21 will alter it current backup system to transfer all data instead to external USB drives as they are compatible with new and legacy systems.

A replacement for Bellerophron is been designed. Project: Cerberus will utilise much of the same technology in Maxximus, as that technology is tried and tested. More information on Project: Cerberus should be available soon.

VerTecX21 Creates Maxximus

posted Jul 15, 2015, 4:37 PM by Ciaran Creedon   [ updated Sep 1, 2015, 3:23 PM ]

Cork, Ireland. Friday, September 14th 2007.

Using some of the latest technology available today. Engineers working for Multimedia specialists VerTecX21 have created a new powerful flagship unit MAXXIMUS.

Mr. Ciarán Creedon, director of VerTecX21 spoke at a press conference announcing Maxximus.

"I'm very pleased to announce the completion of the construction of Maxximus, our new Main Computer. After 6 months of pure research our components were finalised and purchased on August 30th. Construction  was completed on September 11th and preliminary testing was undertaken this week. It was certified for use yesterday. Maxximus sports an Intel Kentsfield Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz processor with 2Gb of DDR2 800Mhz RAM, 1Tb of storage, a GeForce 8800GTS 640Mb GPU, X-Fi Gamer, 600W PSU and 24" HD Monitor" announced the director.

A number of questions were taken from the floor.

In answer to a question as to why a new unnecessarily large 24" monitor was required for Maxximus when a perfectly good 19" one had been attached to Maxximus' predecessor Bellerophon, Creedon responded by showing a HD video of the new Iron Man movie trailer in full 1080p resolution and Bellerophon's new panoramic 3-Monitor configuration for increased productivity.

Creedon was also asked why an nVidia GPU was chosen over an ATi considering VerTecX21 made a switch to ATi in 2005. The director responded by demonstrating that ATi had failed to deliver technology that should have lasted longer than it did. This was mainly due to ATi's failure to include Shader Model 3 into a mid-range GPU in 2005 when it would be essential in 2006.

A question on performance increase over Bellerophon was left unanswered as VerTecX21 has not yet had time to run all tests, but they would be made available on the VerTecX21 Website as soon as possible.

The final question of the day was why was there two Xs in Maxximus? Creedon responded by pointing to the C in the VerTecX21 logo. "Why not?" he asked the reporter.

VerTecX21 Website Version 2.0 Online

posted Jul 15, 2015, 4:29 PM by Ciaran Creedon   [ updated Sep 1, 2015, 3:23 PM ]

15/09/07: VerTecX21 is pleased to announce the new and improved version of our website is now online.

VerTecX21 Acquires New Graphics Card

posted Jul 13, 2015, 6:00 PM by Ciaran Creedon   [ updated Sep 1, 2015, 3:35 PM ]

Cork, Ireland. Monday, August 29th 2005.

In a somewhat surprising announcement today. Engineers working for Multimedia specialists VerTecX21 have installed a powerful new GPU into their flagship unit BELLEROPHRON.

On hand to deliver his usual press release was the director of VerTecX21 himself, Mr. Ciarán Creedon.

Mr. Creedon delivered his customary gentlemanly greeting in more languages than the Pope could ever muddle together and read out the following statement which had clear evidence that it had been laboured over for days, perhaps weeks by engineers, scientists and legal experts:

“Ladies and Gentleman, the day has come where we have had to upgrade our primary graphics processor. Since March 2004, we have had installed in our primary machine: an MSI nVidia GeForce5900XT. This unit was originally intended for use only for a period of 12-14 months, however it performed above expectation for longer than expected and it remained our primary GPU until today when it was replaced.

After much consultation and research it was decided than any new replacement must fit not only the high performance demands of VerTecX21, but be comparable in price to what is known as the GPU mid-range market. Several candidates were researched- but if finally came down to a match between nVidia’s GeForce 6800GT and ATi’s Radeon x800PRO.

We felt that while nVidia's products were achieving a high standard, reflected by the fact that VerTecX21 has purchased their GPU's for the past five years  ever since the demise of 3dFX, we've decided to award the contract this term to ATi.

At this point, in stark contrast to the reaction of the March ‘04 press release, in which I’m sure you’ll recall the ATi rep committed suicide by seppuku- this time it was the nVidia rep who took his own life by jumping from the 12th story window, high up in VerTecX Towers.

Creedon paused for a sip of whiskey, which he regularly drinks at such press conferences, until the commotion has died down.

“After weighing up benchmarks and performance figures for all cards, we find that ATi’s mid range offering was better than nVidia’s this time round” Creedon continued. “It came down to a lot of factors even down to the heat the cards generate. For example: the GeForce takes up not only the AGP slot, but also it’s so big it has to take up the adjacent PCI slot as well. It’s like a woman parking in a supermarket.” joked Creedon. “AND then you can’t install any card into PCI-2 either because that would restrict air flow, so you loose 2 of 5 PCI slots if you have a standard ATX board. The 6800GT also has not one, but two power connectors, so it draws anything up to twice the power, and that would theoretically generate twice the heat. We’d have to have a fire extinguisher on standby.” There was much laughter from the room and Creedon paused for another sip of whiskey.

“Benchmarks were comparable very well between them, some games like Half-Life 2 following ATi’s lead while others like Doom3 are optimised for nVidia.” Creedon said “It really was a toss up, you win and loose a little whatever card you buy. But I believe we’ve made the right decision and acquired a Sapphire ATi Radeon X800PRO with 256Mb of GDDR3 RAM.

Creedon then took some questions from the floor:

Reporter# 1: “Mr. Creedon, what was the performance increase between your old and new GPU’s?”

Creedon: “Bellerophron with the MSI nVidia GeForce FX5900XT 128Mb in 3d Mark ’03 reported 5440 3DMarks, while after the installation of the Sapphire ATi Radeon X800PRO 256Mb we got 10434 3DMarks which is almost twice the performance. The 5900XT wasn’t really cut out for 3d Mark ’05, achieving only a pitiful 1021 3DMarks in comparison to 4886 from the X800PRO which is pretty standard for the card in a machine with the specifications of Bellerophron. For comparison: Researched scores for the 6800GT in 3d Mark ’05 were between 4600 and 5100 3DMarks.”

Reporter #2: “What about Frames-Per-Second Mr. Creedon? Those are the figures people are really interested in”.

Creedon: “Too right you are son- my people were running their tests last night and have compiled all the information into nice graphs and stuff that makes it all look cool.
(a link to this information is at the bottom of the page)

Reporter #3: “In a recent Podcast Mr. Creedon, you said that Bellerophron suffered a severe drop in framerate while playing the F.E.A.R. Demo. What has the new Radeon done to improve that?”

Creedon: “Bellerophron glides through that demo like a hot knife through butter now, there's no slowdown anywhere on the current demo”

Reporter #4: “Sir, with the release of the GeForce7 series, the 6800GT has now dropped and is much cheaper than the X800, so didn’t you have to pay out more of your shareholders money to purchase what you’ve essentially said is a very similar card?”

Creedon: “Ignorant whelp! There was a difference in price yes, by about 45% but we found a way around that like always. The card was purchased in the UK which offset about 38% and brought over by one of my personal representatives, so only local UK-UK shipping was incurred.”

At this point Creedon motioned to two “Men in Black” standing at the rear of the room, who promptly removed Reporter #4

“I must conclude by inviting you to gaze in wonder at my benchmarking undertaken last week at VerTecx21 labs”. At this point Mr. Creedon withdrew.

Link to benchmarks at VerTecX21 Technology (Offline)

VerTecX21 Website Version 1.3 Online

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Ciaran Creedon   [ updated Jul 15, 2015, 4:21 PM ]

29/08/05: First active version of the VerTecX21 Website now live.

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