What is VerTecX21?

I have used VerTecX21 as my personal brand since June 2000. It was attached to my multimedia projects of which they were many at the time. It is in essence an identifier attached to projects when the preference to use such branding over a personal name was deemed appropriate.

As all my projects require the use of technology or in fact are themselves technological in nature, I use VerTecX21.com to both showcase projects and catalog my technological evolution from 1996 to present day.

This is the fourth iteration of the VerTecX21 Website since 2000, it is now mobile device compatible and is by far the most extensive with regards to features and information. The website was joined and augmented with the @vertecx21 Twitter handle in 2015.

Enjoy browsing.

Ciarán Creedon, VerTecX21 Director

February 2022