My Dad [2007]

A young boy stands up in class and begins to read an essay about his hero… his Dad. But is Dad really a hero, or is he something else?

The third and final short-film collaboration between John Vaughan and VerTecX21 began in November 2006 with pre-production work on My Dad.

This work saw the script and production being accepted for the Filmbase/RTÉ Short Film Award scheme and was filmed in May 2007 starring Michael Liebmann, Dave Duffy and Jonathan Ryan.

VerTecX21 [credited as Ciarán Creedon] was responsible once again for all the short's main title and credit sequence cards which were subsequently committed to film.

Additionally once the film's digital file was received, VerTecX21 produced the official copies of the production for cast & crew as well as for distribution to film festivals.