VerTecX21's Technology Mission

One of the primary missions of VerTecX21 is to stay abreast with the current level of technology of the human race. This is necessary so VerTecX21 can provide the optimum level of service to all clients. VerTecX21 constantly upgrades it's existing infrastructure and procures advanced technology to maintain this mission.

VerTecX21's Current Systems

Since June 1998 VerTecX21 maintained at least two fully functional and operational machines at all times. A Primary System and a Secondary System. At various periods a Tertiary or Backup unit has been activated on a temporary basis for various tasks until 2015 when a third system entered permanent use exclusively for Visual Entertainment purposes. In 2022 the Tertiary System designation was made a permanent system role.

VerTecX21 Peripheral Devices

An array of additional devices is also maintained by VerTecX21 to assist with all projects, information access and entertainment.


VerTecX21 maintains VerTecXneT a primary interlinked network throughout it's entire facility connecting VerTecX21's Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Systems, any active Backup or portable units and a number of linked networked devices through both a 1000Mbps wired network and WiFi connected to a 500Mbps Fiber Optic Internet connection.