Northwood class, 2002

Current Status of Unit: Inactive.

Using VerTecX21's specifications, Hyperion [one of the twelve Titan children of Gaia and Uranus in Greek mythology] was co-designed and entirely constructed by Mr. J. Meade on 1st Mar 2002 to replace Prometheus as Primary System.

Hyperion was the first Pentium 4 based unit for VerTecX21 sporting a 130nm processor running at 2.2GHz representing a significant performance gain over Prometheus when added to the Intel 845 "Brookdale" chipset. It's interesting to note that VerTecX21's GPU requirement of the GeForce3 Ti500 was unavailable in Ireland at the time and was the first PC component that had to be sourced by VerTecX21 from a foreign vendor.

Hyperion functioned as VerTecX21's Primary System from 1st Mar 2002 until 28th Nov 2004 when it was replaced by Bellerophon and became the Secondary System. On 30th Aug 2007 it was again replaced by Bellerophon and redesignated as Tertiary System but continued to operate during a transitional phase until 1st Dec 2007 when it was designated as Inactive after 5 years and 9 months of continuous service.

On 24th Jul 2008, the Secondary System Bellerophon suffered chronic systems failure, was deemed unrecoverable and was decommissioned. Hyperion was temporarily reactivated as Secondary System on 27th Jul 2008 to compensate for Bellerophon's unexpected loss until a replacement could be configured. This replacement, Kerberos was commissioned on 4th Aug 2008 and Hyperion was again subsequently deactivated.

On 1st May 2009 Hyperion was again recalled to service, this time as a Scanning Workstation and performed that exclusive task until 21st May 2010 when a HP4680 printer replaced the need for a separate scanning unit and so Hyperion was deactivated again.

Specification for Hyperion, finalised: March 1st 2002

CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT: Intel "Northwood" Pentium 4 2.20GHz, Socket PGA478, L2 Cache - 512Kb

MOTHERBOARD: Fujitsu Siemens D1325-B, Intel 845,


GRAPHICS PROCESSING UNIT: Creative Labs GeForce3 Ti500 AGP, 64MB

AUDIO PROCESSING UNIT: Creative Labs Soundblaster Live! Player 1024 PCI

HARD DISK DRIVES: Western Digital 30GB IDE Hard Drive


NETWORK ADAPTER: Ready Link Express 10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 2000

Peripheral Devices

DISPLAY: ADI ProVista E55 17" CRT

Significant changes to original specification:

26/06/03 - Upgraded to 80GB IDE Hard Drive (Storage capacity upgrade)

03/03/04 - Upgraded to MSI nVidia GeForce FX5900XT VTD128 AGP 128MB DDR (GPU Upgrade)

Date Unknown - Upgraded to Microsoft Windows XP (Operating System Upgrade)

28/11/04 - Changed to Sapphire Radeon 9250 128Mb (GPU change)

28/11/04 - Attached ADI Microscan 5P 17" CRT

09/12/04 - Installed Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC (Network Card Replacement)

09/06/07 - Installed Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB IDE ATA/100 16MB 7200RPM (Storage capacity upgrade)

09/06/07 - Reinstalled Creative Labs GeForce3 Ti500 AGP, 64MB (GPU Downgrade)

30/08/07 - Replaced ADI Microscan 5P 17" CRT with ADI ProVista 17" CRT [CRT Upgrade]

XX/05/10 - Detached ADI ProVista 17" CRT [No Display Required]

Current status of parts:

MSI GeForce FX5900XT: Installed In Bellerophon 28/11/04

Ready Link Express 10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter: Destroyed/Scrapped, Date Unknown.

Western Digital 30GB IDE Hard Drive: Installed in Prometheus, Date Unknown

Sapphire Radeon 9250 128MB [Unaccounted for]

ADI Microscan 5P 17" CRT [Disposed XX/XX/10]

ADI ProVista E55 17" CRT [Disposed XX/XX/10]


The total cost of all new components for the Hyperion system is unavailable.