Valour [2004]

"My intent in making this film was not only to cover an aspect of Ireland's history rarely covered but to also show the horror of war amongst the ordinary ranks.

Many films have shown the madness of the commanders who waged WWI using tactics made obsolete by the machine gun but few concentrate on the ordinary soldier other than showing them martyred on barbed wire whereas the truth is much more complicated.

What I have tried to capture on screen is what men are willing to do to each other to survive and prosper in a combat zone and how actions that would be considered barbaric in peacetime can easily be misinterpreted as heroic in war?"

- John Vaughan, Director

Valour would be the second of three major collaborative efforts between VerTecX21 and the Irish short-film director John Vaughan. Beginning in March 2001 VerTecX21 committed to what would become three years of work, scanning and transferring all of Vaughan's ideas and storyboard sketches of the short to digital format for preservation and creating presentations as Vaughan began shopping his vision around for potential grants and backers.

Once filming of Valour was completed in 2004, VerTecX21 was tasked with designing the title sequence and credits cards that would be transferred to film for inclusion in the presentation.

VerTecX21 also transferred the movie's digital file to DVD for mass production, for cast & crew as well as for distribution to the many film festivals it would be shown in 2004/2005.