The Boogieman [2000]

On a dark and stormy night Frank, a young boy refuses to sleep in the dark, terrified of the creature of his imagination, The Boogieman. His father's memories stirred by the mention of such childhood terrors begins to remember the night he discovered there was no such thing as the Boogieman. For the next few minutes the audience is taken on a trip into the mind of a 10 year old boy as he begins to realise that things are completely different when you turn the light on and are not always as they seem.

Simultaneously with completing production on Star Trek: Time Rogue, VerTecX21 accepted the job of designing the title cards to be filmed as the main and end credits for John Vaughan's The Boogieman which was filmed in 2000.

VerTecX21 [credited as Ciarán Creedon] designed the titles in June 2000 using an original sketch of one of the films characters "Mr. Snoozy" by animator Neal Durnin.

Later for the short film's premiere at the Cork Film festival in October 2000, VerTecX21 was tasked with creating various pieces of advertising graphics such as posters and lobby-cards.

In May 2001 when DVD was in it's infancy and before it could be replicated at home, VerTecX21 created a special limited edition release of The Boogieman for home video in the Video-CD [VCD] format. Much like DVD's that began appearing at this time the VCD not only contained the short film presentation with interactive menus but also had interviews and a commentary track by the films co-producers as well as a trailer, photo gallery, storyboards and a featurette exploring the influence of Star Wars on the production.

The Boogieman was described as "A nicely-judged... small-scale gem" by the Dublin Film Festival and is considered by many to be Ireland's first great horror short.