VerTecX21 Creates Maxximus

Cork, Ireland. Friday, September 14th 2007.

Using some of the latest technology available today. Engineers working for Multimedia specialists VerTecX21 have created a new powerful flagship unit MAXXIMUS.

Mr. Ciarán Creedon, director of VerTecX21 spoke at a press conference announcing Maxximus.

"I'm very pleased to announce the completion of the construction of Maxximus, our new Main Computer. After 6 months of pure research our components were finalised and purchased on August 30th. Construction was completed on September 11th and preliminary testing was undertaken this week. It was certified for use yesterday. Maxximus sports an Intel Kentsfield Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz processor with 2Gb of DDR2 800Mhz RAM, 1Tb of storage, a GeForce 8800GTS 640Mb GPU, X-Fi Gamer, 700W PSU and 24" HD Monitor" announced the director.

A number of questions were taken from the floor.

In answer to a question as to why a new unnecessarily large 24" monitor was required for Maxximus when a perfectly good 19" one had been attached to Maxximus' predecessor Bellerophon, Creedon responded by showing a HD video of the new Iron Man movie trailer in full 1080p resolution and Bellerophon's new panoramic 3-Monitor configuration for increased productivity.

Creedon was also asked why an nVidia GPU was chosen over an ATi considering VerTecX21 made a switch to ATi in 2005. The director responded by demonstrating that ATi had failed to deliver technology that should have lasted longer than it did. This was mainly due to ATi's failure to include Shader Model 3 into a mid-range GPU in 2005 when it would be essential in 2006.

A question on performance increase over Bellerophon was left unanswered as VerTecX21 has not yet had time to run all tests, but they would be made available on the VerTecX21 Website as soon as possible.

The final question of the day was why was there two Xs in Maxximus? Creedon responded by pointing to the C in the VerTecX21 logo. "Why not?" he asked the reporter.