VerTecX21 Looses Bellerophon

Cork, Ireland. Sunday, July 27th 2008.

VerTecX21 announces that Bellerophon is no more, but a replacement is forthcoming.

It's with great regret that we announce the tragic loss of Bellerophon last Wednesday evening July 23rd. Upon initialisation at 17:50 23/07/08 Bellerophon began sounding a series of alarms before asking for a disk to be inserted into the A drive. As a floppy drive had never been installed in the system and furthermore as the floppy was disabled in the BIOS configuration, an alert was raised.

The exact circumstances of why it ceased to function were investigated thoroughly over the past 72 hours by a team of highly skilled engineers but to no avail.

Current theories include:

Temperature overheating due to Northbridge fan failure

Voltage imbalance between RAM

a random unforeseen BIOS issue

"In truth, we may never know what happened, nothing like this has ever happened before," said a distraught VerTecX21 director, Mr. Ciarán Creedon.

Bellerphon was commissioned as the new Main Computer for VerTecX21 on Dec 2nd 2004 and went through some major upgrades until Aug 30th 2007 when it was replaced by Maxximus and in turn Bellerophon became the Secondary System taking over from Hyperion. It's final upgrade included an upgrade to it's graphical display ability outputting to 3 LCD monitors.

A contingency plan VerTecX21 normally operates under the circumstances of the loss of the Secondary System is to transfer all data to the previously commissioned Secondary System or Tertiary Unit allowing seamless operation until the fault with the Secondary System can be resolved.

In the current situation, this contingency plan failed however due to a complete technological difference between Secondary System (Bellerophon) and the previously commissioned Secondary System (Hyperion). More specifically, Hyperion uses an IDE interface for Hard Drives and Bellerophron uses an SATA interface. The only solution would have been to use Maxximus to transfer data and VerTecX21 operational regulations prohibit all three available units being offline simultaneously. In future; to prevent this issue from reoccurring, VerTecX21 will alter it current backup system to transfer all data instead to external USB drives as they are compatible with new and legacy systems.

A replacement for Bellerophron is been designed. Project: Cerberus will utilise much of the same technology in Maxximus, as that technology is tried and tested. More information on Project: Cerberus should be available soon.